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Student Affairs Assessment & Research


Student Affairs Assessment & Research

The Student Affairs Assessment & Research office was established as part of the Student Affairs 2025 Strategic Plan to create a culture of assessment in Student Affairs. By fostering an assessment culture, all Student Affairs staff are empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to make data-informed decisions to improve student programs and services that will ultimately enhance the student experience at UCR.


The mission of Student Affairs Assessment & Research (SAAR) is to create a culture of equity-minded assessment and promote data-driven decision making in Student Affairs to enhance the student experiences of UCR’s diverse student population. SAAR provides consultations, services, and support to Student Affairs departments related to assessment, research, survey administration, statistical data analysis, and program evaluation.

Student Affairs Strategic Themes

SAAR conducts socially just assessments and research projects to fulfill Student Affairs’ mission of cultivating a meaningful student experience. SAAR assesses the four strategic themes from the Student Affairs 2025 Strategic Plan

  1. Transform the Student Experience
  2. Creating Collaborative Partnerships
  3. Establishing Organizational Excellence
  4. Fostering and Advancing Social Justice
Student Affairs Assessment and Research Handbook

All Student Affairs staff can learn more about how to conduct assessment and research in the Division with the new assessment and research handbook: 

Assessment and Research in Student Affairs: A Guide to Best Practices at UC Riverside

Contact Student Affairs Assessment & Research 
Hayden Harris, Ph.D. (they/them/theirs)
Director of Assessment & Research
Student Affairs Assessment & Research
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Administration
University of California, Riverside
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